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Do you need wisdom to guide you?

Are you faced with a decision?

Trying to make up your mind about what to do next?

Perplexed by the array of options before you?

That’s often where I find myself, too.

The good news is God wants to help.

He wants to provide the wisdom that we need.

And he promises to do exactly that when we ask.

He even provides a filter to help us recognize that which is from him.

Is it pure?




Full of mercy and good fruits?


Without hypocrisy?

The Bible says factors such as these are a good test to determine whether the guidance we receive aligns with God’s kind of wisdom.

James 1:5 (NIV)
James 3: 13, 17 (NASB)

If you enjoy this episode, please join me in this ministry by sharing it with others, especially those who may be feeling isolated or alone. Thank you!

For closed captioning, please view this episode on the Bibles & Bathrobes YouTube channel.

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