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One-day-at-a-time renewal

When the Israelites needed food to survive 40 years in the desert, God provided it.

But the manna they received was meant to be gathered and consumed only one day at a time.

No hoarding or construction of storage facilities was allowed.

No bartering or financial transactions permitted.

And if they let their fears and greed take hold and gathered more than was needed?

The excess attracted bugs and stunk up the place.

Part of that process for the Israelites was letting go of their concerns for tomorrow and being grateful for God’s providence for that day.

In that way, they learned to trust God.

They learned that he knew exactly what they needed, exactly when they needed it, and that he would provide it one day at a time.

Just as God faithfully provided 40 years of daily sustenance to feed his people, so he continues to do so for us today—providing daily renewal to care for our needs in the 24 hours ahead.

2 Corinthians 4:16 (NIV)
Exodus 16 (NIV)

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Feature photo by Terry Tan De Hao on Unsplash

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