• Retirement can be a challenge.

    Facing the changes that retirement brings can be both exciting and scary. Which it is likely depends upon your sense of purpose for whatever comes next, and the role that God plays in determining that. Using story, the latest research, insights from experts, and guidance from God’s Word, Sue Montgomery digs into key topics that influence the season after a career ends—and how you can embrace a sense of purpose to tap into the many possibilities that may be within reach.

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    Here, we'll examine what research indicates about the relationship between having a sense of purpose and well-being; retirement trends in America; six categories that retiring Boomers often fall into; the concepts of being vs. doing and the trap of “action addiction”; the five benefits of knowing God’s purposes for your life and strategies for discovering them; the story behind Sue Montgomery’s Encore Career; how to apply her Encore Formula to evaluate your current reality and set future goals; and the rewards that are possible within this rich season of change.

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